Fueling the Pursuit of Business Agility!
Achieving Agility helps companies differentiate their Agile Adoption. We're not interested in status quo and the cookie cutter frameworks that have proclaimed to be a one size fits all solution. We don't settle for re-branding traditional practices with agile labels. We push companies to pursue true Business Agility because that will seperate them from the competion!
We specialize in Agile and Lean training, coaching, and transformations. We are seasoned Agile and Lean practitioners that have helped clients optimize the flow of value to the customer and respond to change. We believe in a hands-on, pragmatic, and adaptable coaching approach that uses a blend of Agile and Lean practices to find the right fit for our clients. We have introduced Agility in number of environments ranging from small start-ups to large scale enterprises.
At our core, we believe in creating a value driven environment that fosters collaboration, continuous improvement, and trust.

Hands on, pragmatic, and adaptable coaching  using a blend of Agile and Lean practices such as Scrum, Kanban, and Scaled Agile. Offered to  teams, managers, and executives.   Assessments available at all levels of the organization including portfolio, program, and team. 


Offers a variety of interactive classes and workshops enabling organizations to properly adopt Agile practices and understand the benefits. Training topics include but are not limited to Agile Principles and Values, Scrum, Lean & Kanban, Agile Leadership, & Agile in the Enterprise.

Specializing in transforming all levels of the organization towards a continuous delivery model using Agile, Lean, and Systems Thinking Practices. Transformation efforts focus on creating a value driven environment that fosters  collaboration, continous improvement, and trust.  

What We Are Passionate About:


Coaching and Servant Leadership

Problem Solving 

Safe Work Environments where People are Empowered

Self Organizing Teams who Love to Come to Work

Creating Valuable Products that Impact the Bottom Line

Quality, the Catalyst for Continuous Delivery

Family, Personal Growth, and having Fun

Tired of aimlessly browsing the web for information that can assist you in your new agile role? Concerned that that the materials you stumble across may not be from a credible source?  


We can help! Check out my Continous Improvment (CI) Center.  


I have compiled a list of resouces that have influenced me along my agile journey and I want to share it with you.

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