There is nothing more fullfilling and rewarding than seeing someone succeed as a result of your guidance. This is why we coach! It is an art that is improved only by practice, experience, and dedication to the craft. 

We have read the books, past the certifications, and attended the conferences. They are all valuable inputs to our approach but it’s our experience that has shaped and influenced our coaching strategy the most. 


We are practitioners that are hands-on and pragmatic. We are leaders that make those around us better by fostering an environment where others can succeed. We help companies achieve business agility to gain a competitive edge.

Agile Adoptions require a significant change in mindset and workplace dynamics.  People at all levels of the organization need to be guided during this change. They need someone they can trust and answer the question "why" when asked to do something different. They will inevitably want to understand the benefits of Agile to not only the organization, but also themselves. This is a need that is filled by an Agile coach and it is vital to the success of an Agile transformation.  

Our idea of coaching is not teaching Agile practices; it goes well beyond. Instead, we observe, listen, and facilitate.  We want to understand your challenges, explore alternatives, and customize practices that work for you.


Occasionally we push the envelope because we care. We're brought in to provide a reality check to the organization and gauge whether or not they are prepared to transition into the digital age. We also have a soft side. We understand organizational change is hard and people want their voice to be heard.

In the end, our objective is quite simple; make a difference and leave the organization in a better place than when we arrived.  Perhaps the most difficult thing about coaching is not "doing" and instead performing the role of a passive influencer. The great coaches "coach" themselves out of job because their pupils can stand alone as a result of their instruction. This is our goal!

Agile Coaching Competency Framework
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