Agile is Not Faster……………. Its Sooner!.

Historically, the word “fast” has a negative connotation in software delivery. The vision that comes to mind is a manager demanding the team deliver “faster” because their delivery date is looming. The pressure then inevitably results in a vast amount of technical debt and poor quality. Unfortunately, Agile is often associated with "faster deliver," and is one of the main reasons that it is met with resistance in organizations. People view agile as a threat to quality and QA governance. However, Agile practitioners know that couldn’t be furthest from the truth.

Quality is non- negotiable in Agile and is an underlying linchpin of the delivery of continuous value. Agile teams, emphasize quality from the start and adhere to QA governance by incorporating organization testing standards into their Definition of Done. The investment in quality upfront is the catalyst that enables the team to maintain a continuous delivery of value in the future. Teams that have historically have ignored quality often have a backlog of defects that strangles their velocity and prevents them from delivering new features. Companies that want to be Agile must be prepared to invest in the tools and technical practices that enable continuous delivery such as continuous integration, automated testing, and DevOps. Along with this, the organization must be educated that the result of each iteration will be a potential shippable product that contains new high quality features that are most likely part of a larger objective.

With Agile we deliver value sooner not necessarily faster. Agile is not a reason to abandon testing best practices, its actually more of a reason to adopt them. If your organization wants to be agile, make sure that everyone understands what that means.

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