Promoting Agile in Your Organization; Start with Continuous flow!

Are your friends raving about agile in their workplaces? Have you started a small project using scrum and want to spread to the rest of the organization? Have you read up on agile and it seems so much more appealing than waterfall? So how then do we sell and promote agile throughout our organizations? What type of strategic approach could we take to make our peers and leaders see the benefits of Agile without turning back to their comfort zone? In the spirit of Agile, keep it simple!

At its core, Agile is all about continues delivery of value to the customer. All the principles, values, and practices tie directly back to this objective. No matter what your role in the organization, one will have a hard time arguing that our main objective is to deliver a continuous flow of value to the customer. So there you have it; start simple and small making continuous flow the core of your agile mantra. Sure it sounds naïve and obvious, but it is amazing how a commitment to deliver continuous value forces organizations to naturally adopt the other principles.

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