Transformation is an organization wide commitment.  Alignment, engagement, leadership, and trust are vital to success!

Transformation is a very strong word. Complement that with an unknown term such as "Agile" and inevitable reactions of skepticism, concern, and resistance will surface.


Transformation scope typically includes role changes, cross department team formations, employee empowerment, and a change in mindset. This isn't for the faint of heart! To add to the degree of difficulty, this type of overhaul is often met with resistance due to the forces of traditional culture.


Can it be done?  Absolutely. We've had the pleasure of being part of successful transformations. However, we've also seen them fail and learned from the experience.


Any Agile transformation must be methodically planned, transparent, and rich in communication. A vision of the end state must be clear to all stakeholders including the everyone within the organization.  The path to that end state will be a journey filled of unique challenges and experiments. This is where we can help!

We encourage starting small, treading slowly, adapting, and finding your way.  We add value in the following areas:

  • Help identify business objectives and success criteria

  • Conduct an Agile Readiness assessment to help identify a starting point

  • Develop an Agile transformation roadmap 

  • Provide training to all levels of the organization

  • Establish a cadence to support continuous planning and delivery

  • Establish metrics that measure the right things

  • Assign coaches at the team, program, and executive level.

  • Analyze existing processes to identify waste and non-value add activities

  •  Help assess and configure ALM Tools

Cotters Change Management Model
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